Karen Garcia from Honduras.

In a six-year relationship, Karen endured both physical and psychological abuse from her ex-partner. Upon separating from him, she faced relentless pursuit and threats to harm her daughters and take her life. Despite moments of profound fear and anguish, Karen found the strength to report her aggressor, leading to his arrest by authorities. Unfortunately, he […]

Ana AnĂ³n Rodriguez from Colombia.

Ana endured emotional abuse inflicted by her partner, who not only repeatedly betrayed her but also responded to her complaints with physical and verbal assaults. Ana bears physical injuries from the violence she suffered, often in the presence of her children. Her abuser further controlled her by taking and concealing her money, isolating her from […]

Shirley Dallan Hernandez from Colombia.

Shirley became a victim of extortion in her home country, targeted by paramilitary groups due to her cousin’s involvement in Colombian politics. Her cousin, an advisor to the mayor, was hunted down and killed by guerrillas, leading to the disappearance of other relatives, assassination attempts, and the tragic loss of Shirley’s father. Fearing for their […]