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Undoubtedly, the heightened visibility of violence against vulnerable groups through the media and the extensive reach of social networks have facilitated its advocacy and enabled the implementation of effective protective measures for the victims. Nevertheless, recent global events, such as the pandemic and the economic recession, disproportionately affecting developing countries, have led to a significant surge in various forms of violence, particularly sexual and gender-based violence.

The challenge presented by these new circumstances underscores the need to reinvent ourselves and strengthen our efforts to meet the demand for dignified and high-quality legal services. Certainly, there is an urgency for complementary programs that effectively support individuals facing violence to break the cycle and facilitate their own empowerment while defending their rights. Indeed, our trajectory has taught us that achieving this goal is possible when there is a real engagement with the community to understand their issues firsthand, when we offer assistance with empathy rather than judgment, and when we utilize our resources transparently, efficiently, and effectively focused on the community’s well-being.

Welcome to Mil Mujeres, an organization led by principles of work, ethics, solidarity, and continuous improvement. We are devoted to supporting the immigrant population and victims of violent crimes actively in their pursuit of rights and opportunities.

I am pleased to invite you to explore our organization, join our cause, and become an actor in driving positive change.

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In our commitment to transparency and to better serve our partners, we present our financial management report. This comprehensive document offers a snapshot of our current financial status, including historical balances from previous years for your reference and convenience.

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