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Research: Women’s Safety Around the World

Safety detectives

Personal safety is a basic human right that no one should have to live without.

Unfortunately, at least 50% of the world’s population faces threats to their personal safety every day. Women of all ages and backgrounds are constantly dealing with unsafe situations, whether when walking home alone, riding in cabs, or simply existing in public places.

This is intolerable, and here at
, we believe it needs to change. The world should be a safe place for everyone – regardless of their gender.

To help raise awareness and shed light on this issue, we decided to research countries around the world to see which are the safest and most dangerous for women, in terms of the number of crimes committed against them and the laws protecting them. We sought to understand what exactly it is that makes some places safer than others, and what we can learn from them.

This process proved to be incredibly complex, as we had to rely on official data that may or may not accurately reflect reality. The results of our research depended on each country’s level of transparency about the number of crimes against women, as well as women’s ability and willingness to report these crimes in the first place.

Below, we’ll explain our findings and explore the ways that governments, organizations, and individuals can work to increase and ensure women’s safety.

A Culture of Violence Against Women

Historically, most societies around the world have not prioritized women’s safety or been particularly kind to women.
been particularly kind to women
in general. In many ways this is improving, and we’ve come a long way – but there’s also still a long way to go.

Many scholars believe this phenomenon is deeply ingrained in various cultures. Some research suggests that patriarchal societies became the norm around 12,000 years ago
around 12,000 years ago
ago, when humans started practicing large-scale agriculture and settling down. This crucial shift in lifestyle also caused a fundamental shift in power, tilting the scales in men’s favor.

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